Basic infrastructure such as power supply, motorable roads and potable water among others have over the years been in short supply. What is more, Aba, variously referred to as "Enyimba City" and the "Dubai of Africa", is hampered by this lack. We shall target legislations that open up some of these key sectors for public-private partnership. In particular, we will ensue that we deliver quality constituency projects to our constituents.

Through effective oversight, we will ensue that the Executive arm is kept on it toes towards delivering good governance and quality infrastructure to the people.


The security of lives and property is a cardinal goal of government. Development cannot thrive in an atmosphere of insecurity and fear. we will focus attention on reviewing laws that ensure that Nigeria's security architecture aligns with global best practices and modern security systems. We will aggressively pursue an effective oversight of all security agencies to eschew abuses and ensure that all law enforcement entities work within the confines of their statutory mandates and the rule of law, respecting human rights and the civil liberties of all citizens.


It is imperative that we tap fully into the abundant potentials prevalent in the women and youth segments of our population.

This can be done through constructive engagement and capacity building. We will target legislations that foster gender mainstreaming and youth empowerment as well as ensure that government policies and programmes which specifically target women and youth are fully implemented and effectively monitored.


Educating our teeming population is very fundamental to our growth and development. While substantial progress has been made in increased funding of education by the government, we will encourage quality legislative interventions in the educational sector through appropriate laws and legislative oversight. That merely a fraction of our citizens who aspire for tertiary education are afforded such opportunity annually through JAMB placement is unacceptable. Efforts will be targeted at boosting the carrying capacity of our educational institutions.


The Nigerian economy is the bedrock of social welfare and prosperity for the masses. Accordingly, placing premium on economic growth and development is appropriate. Given my background as a management expert and hands-on experience in both blue-chip public and private sector organisations, I will deploy this knowledge base in promoting legislations that foster economic liberalization and the growth of medium and small enterprises such as are dominant especially in the Aba business hub. We will strive to secure a Free Trade Zone status for Aba, such that being a tax haven, this will free the potentials prevalent in the economic zone.

A thriving economy will also foster job creative and economic empowerment of the populace. We shall rejig laws that impede free enterprises and promote legislations that encourage better resource allocation while promoting the ones aimed at changing the pattern of resource and economic diversification while fostering partnerships with the international and donor agencies to especially fast-track the emergence of Aba as a regional economic hub.

We will push for the passage and implementation of the Petroleum Industry Bills (PIBs) to ensure that host communities in Abia State as well as Abia State in general enjoy the dividends of their hydrocarbon resources, thereby boosting employment, the MSME sector, disposable incomes and the quality of life of Abians.


The saying that 'Health is Wealth' remains true at all times. Capital flight through health tourism must be discouraged. We will encourage increased public sector funding of the health sector while initiating laws that foster greater public-private sector partnerships in birthing more health facilities.


It is worrisome that Nigeria remains essentially a mono-cultural economy. With the advent of fossil fuel, wind energy and electric cars, to name a few, economies that refuse to move away from hydrocarbon may face a bleak future. We will initiate motions that promote restructuring of the national economy away from the hydrocarbon sector. In particular, efforts will be made to catalyze the agricultural sector by promoting and supporting motions that incentivize agricultural production and its entire value chain. Aside from hands-on oversight of the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in the agricultural sector, legal impediments towards access to agricultural inputs and funding will also be tackled through initiating Bills for amendment of the relevant laws to enhance agro-allied industries.